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Water Quality Testing: Task Sheet


Your Water Quality Testing Results


Your Methods

Corresponding Results


























Research Decomposition


(1)     Describe your component: Where does it originate? What does it look like? Who uses it?













(2)     How is your component beneficial or harmful to (a) the environment (b) living organisms (c) humans? Describe how these systems are affected by these components. Provide specific examples.













(3)     Connect your component with another water component research by another group in class. Discuss how these components are similar or different. If you can connect to more than 2 other components, you are stellar!













(4)     Looking back at your test results, what does it say about the condition of the Hudson River?









(5)     Now that you have done thorough reseearch, explain whether or not your results make sense.















(6)     Brainstorm on your experiment: include an error analysis and how you might improve the accuracy and validity of your results.  Challenge: repeat your experiment using your own recommendations and discuss results!













(7)     Looking back at your results and research, select a specific issue about your component (whether a problem, a piece of technology that you read about) that you think the NYC community must know about. This is your chance to go into detail about this issue, and recommend ways in which the community can actively participate in the issue.