The Task

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You are paired up with a team of experts that specializes on a specific water component. Follow these research procedures for a successful mission!

Procedure Hints for Success
(1) Download the task sheet. Open it, and print it. This sheet will be your recording sheet throughout your water quality testing and research.
  • You can download the document by clicking here.


(2) Obtain your water quality testing kit (of your assigned component) and complete the test. The directions should come with your testing kit. Record all results on your task sheet.
  • Quantitative and qualitative results are both as valuable as experimental data!
  • Detailed observsations are the best!

(3) Click the link below to connect to your assigned water component. These links will lead you to resources on the Internet that will help you answer the questions about your component on the task sheet.

Click here to begin your Research!

  • Use your own words!
  • Site your references
(4) Compare your research results with the rubric to assure that you accurately presented your component. Then submit the research to the instructor for evaluation  
(5) After your instructor approved of your research, construct a public service annoucement informing the NYC community about the safety of the Hudson based on your research. The type of annoucement will be assigned by your instructor.
  • Pamphlets, newsletters, webpages and posters are some effect public service annoucements you can build. Perhaps even a radio show?
  • Diagrams and images can greatly enhance your presentation!
(6) Compare your product with the rubric once again to assure success. Submit your product to the instructor for evaluation.  

Introduction | Task | Resources | Evaluation | Teacher Page | Conclusion | Credits